Lindt Vegan Classic Chocolate (GF)

Lindt Vegan Classic Chocolate (GF)

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A 100g bar of pure lindt heaven!  Smooth, rich and creamy, this chocolate does not disappoint those Lindt fans like us who were missing a touch of their classic bar.  Yum!

Discover Lindt Classic Recipe Vegan, an exquisite combination of the finest cocoa blended with smooth almond paste. Expertly crafted by the innovative Lindt Master Chocolatiers accordingly to traditional Swiss recipes, using only the finest sustainably-sourced ingredients.

💚 100% Vegan and Vegetarian

Gluten Free

❌ Soya Free

✔ Sulphite Free

✔ Palm Oil Free

✔ Dairy Free


Ingredients: Sugar, Oat Drink Powder* (Oat Syrup (70%), Maltodextrin) Cocoa Butter, Almonds, Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithn), Natural Flavourings, *Gluten Free Oat

*Gluten free oat.  May contain milk, hazelnuts and other nuts.

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