Oat Milk Chocolate Bar by H!P (GF)

Oat Milk Chocolate Bar by H!P (GF)

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Happiness in Plants = H!P

A really creamy and smooth oat milk chocolate.  The oats used are gluten free too!

The Oat milk in these bars uses 200 litres less water and 1/3rd of the CO2 that a dairy milk bar the same size would consume!

In their efforts to be fully plant based, even the packaging is 100% plant based wood pulp!


💚 100% Vegan and Vegetarian

 Gluten Free

✔ Soya Free

✔ Sulphite Free

✔ Palm Oil Free

✔ Dairy Free of course!

Ingredients: Columbian chocolate (raw cane sugar, dried gluten free oat powder 22%, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, dried rice powder, sunflower lecithin emulsifier, vanilla extract)
Contains min 41% cocoa solids.
Allergens: made on equipment that also processes milk, soy, gluten. peanuts and other nuts.

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