Pick & Mix Your Own

How To Pick and Mix Your Own...

You can choose up to 6 different bags of pick & mix per order.

You can make each bag totally unique, limitless and any size.

If you simply want one big mix-up of all your faves, just choose mix up bag 'one' for everything you'd like and we'll pop your entire selection together.


You want space mix, mermaids, meerkats and fizzy strawbs together, simply add them to a mix up bag ONE.

Then you want a few different bonbons together in another bag - add them to mix up bag TWO.

Then you want to do a separate bag for your friend who loves fizzy cherries, peach rings and blue babies - simply add them to mix-up bag THREE... and so on!

The choices are endless and you can be as UNIQUE and CREATIVE as you like!

Happy shopping 💚