Ingredients & Allergens

After suffering from a food allergy for many years, Kay particularly understands how vital it is to feel reassured when choosing what to eat so you can actually enjoy it instead of worrying!

That's why we have listed every single ingredient that may go into your pick and mix here.

If you're unsure about anything or want to ask any questions, then please get in touch via the contact form or by email:

Ingredients (Allergens in bold)

All of our stock has full ingredients listed with allergens highlighted in BOLD on each product page.


  • Gluten is listed as either 'contains' or 'free' on our ingredients list (link above)
  • Most of our products are gluten free and we take great care in using separate utensils, storage containers and packing times to prepare these orders.
  • However they have been packaged in the same facilities as those with gluten and although we are extremely careful, cross contamination may be possible.
  • We follow strict food hygiene procedures at all times when hand picking your order.
  • We purchase stock from manufacturers that use gluten in their manufacturing premises.


  • Soya is listed as either 'contains' or 'free' on our ingredients list (link above)
  • Soya is not in any pick and mix varieties except chocolate limes.
  • However soya does feature in our chocolate and fudge ranges, these are all prepacked before they arrive at our premises and will be clearly marked whenever present.


  • We purchase stock from manufacturers that use nuts in their manufacturing premises so most things come with a 'may contain' for cross-contamination purposes.
  • We do not handle nuts whilst packing pick & mix sweets
  • Nuts are not present in our pick and mix varieties (our sweet peanuts are nut free)
  • However nuts do feature in some of our chocolate and fudge ranges, these are all prepacked before they arrive at our premises and will be clearly marked whenever present.

Animal-Based Ingredients

  • We are 100% vegan owned and run business and therefore do not handle eggs, meat or dairy at any time in our personal or professional lives.
  • We do not stock anything with animal-based ingredients - Not now, Not ever!
  • Some of our sweet manufacturers and suppliers do handle dairy, egg, gelatine, shellac, carmine and beeswax and we want to be transparent in this.
  • Our manufacturers do label stock suitable for vegans and we also use 'accidentally vegan' products too that we have personally checked with the manufacturers holds up to vegan standards.
  • We double-check every ingredient including each E-number and additive against a national database and with suppliers themselves if we're in doubt.  They may be plant-based or artificial 'flavourings' but never from animal-based sources.


  • Allergen information is present on all pouches and letterbox friendly boxes in the form of ticked boxes if present, boxes left blank if not present.
  • Candy stripe bags do not usually come sealed with allergen information on them, but you can find all our ingredients on the product page.

Expiry dates

  • The 'best before' date varies depending on product but it is noted on the reverse labels of all of our bags.
  • For maximum shelf life, we advise keeping your sweets in air-tight containers in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Availability and Variations

  • We are constantly adding new sweets to our range and the contents of your bag depends on the availability at the time.
  • Our full list of ingredients and allergens is checked and updated at every delivery.
  • We may from time to time have to substitute what goes into our mixes but please rest assured, it will ALWAYS be vegan.