Wonky Noms!

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Staying true to our eco-ethos, we don't like waste and we'd certainly hate throwing perfectly tasty treats away!

Help us reduce food waste and grab a bargain whilst you're at it!!!


Mixed bags contains the broken souls that didn't make the cut into our regular mixes. They'll still taste the same as all our other amazing vegan sweets but may just look pretty sad!

It's pot luck - We can't guarantee what will be included or that you'll get the same every time.  They will contain any of our range including jelly, gummy, hardboiled, bonbons, sweet, tangy and sour varieties but no liquorice.


These are either broken boxes, damaged treats - the Wonky reason is listed in each product description.

We also list items on clearance that are either close to best before dates or out of date - this will be listed on each items description for you.

The best before date, sometimes shown as BBE (best before end), is about quality and not food safety. Food with expired BBE will be perfectly safe to eat after the printed date but may not be at its very best.