Vegan Tongue Painters Sweets

Tongue Painters

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They do what they say - your tongue will go pretty blue so perhaps not the best thing to be eating before a zoom meeting (Kay)!


 100% Vegan and Vegetarian

 Gluten Free

✔ Soya Free

✔ Sulphite Free

✔ Palm Oil Free

✔ Dairy Free

Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Wheat Starch, Water, Modified Maize Starch, Modified Potato Starch, Acids: Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Citric Acid; Flavourings, Vegetable Oil (Coconut), Glazing Agent (Carnauba Wax), Colours: Curcumin, Brilliant Blue FCF, Paprika Extract; Fruit & Vegetable Concentrate: Black Carrot.

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